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Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Blog

I decided to write about my adventures in eating, baking, shopping and life as a busy mom in New York City. If no one ever reads this, fine by me - it's still a cheaper alternative to therapy.

First up, my excellent day! I flew back home to NYC this AM (from DC) and came home to find that my mother (who slept over my place to watch my son) had left 3 cupcakes from Butter Cup Bake Shop on the counter. Half a red velvet later I realized it wasn't worth the calories. (My red velvet is MUCH Better - happy to share the recipe, just email me).

After the snack, I took my son to go shopping for a birthday present and when we spotted Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! He laughed as my son threw all of the shoes in the store onto the ground. (Why didn't I ask him to take a photo!?!?) Walking back home to well-dressed salesmen LEAPED out of Christian Louboutain to tell me that my heels were "amazing, girl!" and that they had to come out of the store to inspect them! Yey!!!
Now THAT was better than any cupcake.

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